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Input and output devices ppt

Input and output devices ppt

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22 Nov Input And Output Devices Prepared By Harsh,Mehar, Astha and Kalpana Students Of Birla Institute Of Technology,Patna Campus Department. The Input/output devices provide this capability to a computer system. they are also known as peripheral devices, because they surround a computer's cpu and . CS Input and output devices. What's available for input touch - fingers, feet, breath; sound - voice, other sounds; gesture; gaze; brainwaves and output.

briefly explain what computer input and output is; examine some of the more commonly used input and output devices to help understand these concepts. 04/ 05/. Input/Output Some typical device, network, and data base rates Connections between devices and interrupt controller actually use interrupt lines on the bus. Six Widely used input devices are the keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner, Three commonly used output devices are a printer, a monitor and speakers.

the devices used for input and output determine the nature and capacity of information transferred between human and computer; characteristics of the I/O. Input devices. Output devices. Control unit. Arithmetic/. logic unit. Register storage area. Memory. Processing device. ITEC Information and Organizations. Input devices. Digitizing. Output devices Most common input device; Characters, numbers, symbols converted to electrical signal; Typewriter keyboard . Discuss image capturing devices and audio-input devices. Define combination input and output devices including multifunctional devices, Internet telephones. 19 Dec PowerPoint Presentation: Input Devices: An input device is any device that provides input to a computer. There are dozens of possible input.

Describe the user relationship with computer input and output; Explain how Magnetic-Ink Character Recognition; Scanners; Optical recognition devices; Voice. Input/Output and Storage. Slide 3. Computers Are Your Future Chapter 5. What You Will Learn About. The purpose of special keys and the most frequently used . Compare Storage Devices. List and Describe Common Input Devices. List and Describe Essential Video and Audio Output Devices. Compare. In this chapter, we'll discuss various input, output, and storage devices designed to meet the various needs and lifestyles of people. This chapter explores the.


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